Friday, April 6, 2007

The Stalin Monologues, Episode 5: TaterHead the Senator

Josef Stalin was a brutal, oppressive dictator who usurped the socialist revolution in Russia to found a regime based on a cult of personality. His purges were legendary, estimated to have killed more people than Hitler's genocidal treatment of the Jews. He was also a country bumpkin, a Georgian brute with little in his past to indicate any significant leadership qualities. The Stalin Monologues is a series of satirical machinima about the man behind the monster and the comedy behind the tragedy. Episode 5: TaterHead the Senator is a wacky interpretation of what Stalin must have thought of the McCarthy trials.

McCarthyism was a stain upon the history of the United States, a crime for which McCarthy suffered nothing more than censure from Congress. His witchhunts destroyed people's lives, all in the pursuit of a phantom enemy, an enemy that might have been better off for the paranoia he engendered in the American people. Perhaps had he tried to understand the enemy as a human being rather than condemning an entire political system because of the twisted interpretation of that political system by a meglomaniac, the Cold War would not have lasted nearly as long. Enjoy!


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